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Middle School

  • 6th Grade
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  • 8th Grade

In the middle school program at AAC, students expand and apply the academic and social skills they have acquired in the elementary program. AAC is committed to helping students develop into independent learners and international citizens by offering a balanced curriculum with a strong academic foundation and varied student activities. Middle school teachers use a variety of instructional and assessment strategies to meet the learning needs of our students. Small classes, and an advisory program enhance our ability to support and nurture the intellectual, social and emotional development of adolescent children.

Students will receive an integrated language arts program including reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar. The AAC middle school math curriculum lays the foundation for higher-level mathematics classes in high school. Middle school science teachers utilize hands-on activities with an emphasis on problem solving, investigation, and technology. Students collect data and apply their knowledge to analyze and explain results. In the social studies program, students learn about the people, geography, culture, and continuing legacies of early lands and civilizations. Teachers employ a variety of pointed lesson techniques, enabling students to perceive themselves, their community and their world in an ever-widening perspective.

Art, music, physical education and technology are intrinsic to the middle school program, offering students a wide range of opportunities for physical, aesthetic and intellectual growth.

The middle school years are often signaled by significant physical, emotional and social changes. The AAC middle school program is designed to help students to be successful through this period of adjustment, fostering each child's evolving sense of responsibility and independence. AAC middle school students will develop a high degree of self-discipline, preparing them both socially and academically for the rigorous demands of high school.

Middle School Course Description