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Elementary School

1st Grade Age 6 by September 1
2nd Grade Age 7 by September 1
3rd Grade Age 8 by September 1
4th Grade Age 9 by September 1
5th Grade Age 10 by September 1

The skills learned in AAC's Early Childhood program will provide the foundation for students entering elementary school. Here our goal is to provide a multi-sensory approach to learning within a supportive atmosphere that promotes further growth and experimentation, allowing students with different learning styles to succeed in each subject.

The elementary school English language arts curriculum serves students at many different skill levels, and they are appropriately supported and challenged throughout the year. Regular individual and small-group instruction allows students to achieve their maximum potential. The elementary math curriculum develops students mathematical thinking through experimentation, investigation, questioning, and problem solving. In the elementary program, AAC students engage in activities which encourage them to view the world scientifically as they observe, question, collect, count, measure, and communicate their findings. Explorations both inside the classroom and outdoors allow students to examine living things and natural phenomena in the surrounding environment. Cultural essentials form the backbone of the AAC elementary social studies curriculum. Field trips, nonfiction books, classroom visitors, and technology are among the many resources we use to teach students about their world and themselves.

Though the primary language of instruction at AAC is English, the French and Arabic languages play a very important role. Students at all elementary levels engage in daily study of the French language. In 2nd Grade students begin daily courses in Arabic as well. Supplementing the six core subjects of the AAC elementary school program are special subjects including technology, physical education, art, and music.

Elementary School Course Description