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School History & Profile


American Academy Casablanca (AAC) was founded in 2003 with the intention to become a top-quality college-preparatory school, equipping its students to attend the world's top universities. AAC is a branch of the parent company American Academy Inc; a non profit organization established in the state of Massachusetts in 1999. American Academy Inc is run by a board of directors; these American educators have helped establish the vision and mission of American Academy Casablanca.

AAC has worked diligently to recruit and contract experienced and successful administrators to lead the school toward its vision of becoming the top international school in Morocco. A Head of School, Secondary Principal, and Dean of Student Affairs serve on the administrative team. The President, Vice-President of Operations, School Counselor, and College Counselor round out the team, leading a licensed and experienced faculty of 44.

In its first year, the school had 49 students, and enrollment has since grown to over 300 Students.Their families come from the local and expatriate communities and desire an international education that prepares their children to be successful at either American or international universities. The majority of students enrolled in AAC are Moroccan, comprising 58% of the student body. American students make up 11% of the enrollment, and the remaining 31% is made up of students from 30 other countries, representing a truly international student population.

AAC School History


The student body is organized into sixteen grades, Nursery through Grade 12. English is the primary language of instruction in Language Arts, Literature, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science. Since Morocco is a bilingual country, both Arabic and French language, literature, culture, history and electives are also an important part of the program of studies. The current teachers, under the direction of the Head of School, have researched international standards and combined aspects of American and international pedagogies to create a unique curriculum adapted to meet the school's international needs and prepare students for future studies in the College Board Advanced Placement program. The AAC curriculum is being mapped on the Rubicon Atlas system.

The school year comprises 175 school days from September through June, and observes all major Moroccan and American holidays. According to the current schedule, classes begin at 7:50 a.m. and end at 3:05 p.m. from Monday-Friday."